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Automated Specification Extraction and Analysis with Specstractor, Schulze, Christoph, Cleaveland Rance, and Lindvall Mikael , Software Engineering and Formal Methods - 16th International Conference, {SEFM} 2018, Held as Part of {STAF} 2018, Toulouse, France, June 27-29, 2018, Proceedings, (2018)
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Declarative vs Rule-based Control for Flocking Dynamics, Mehmood, Usama, Paoletti Nicola, Phan Dung, Grosu Radu, Lin Shan, Stoller Scott D., Tiwari Ashish, Yang Junxing, and Smolka Scott A. , Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, New York, NY, USA, (2018)  (904.24 KB)
Discordant Alternans as a Mechanism for Initiation of Ventricular Fibrillation In Vitro, Munoz, Laura, Gelzer Anna R. M., Fenton Flavio, Qian Wei, Lin WeiYe, Gilmour Robert F., and Otani Niels F. , Journal of the American Heart Association, 09, Volume 7, (2018)  (4.08 MB)
Dynamic Network Model from Partial Observations, K., Elahe Ghalebi, Mirzasoleiman Baharan, Grosu Radu, and Leskovec Jure , CoRR, Volume abs/1805.10616, (2018)  (476.08 KB)
Electromechanical vortex filaments during cardiac fibrillation, Christoph, Jan, Chebbok M., Richter Carl, Schröder-Schetelig Johannes, Bittihn Philip, Stein Seth, Uzelac Ilija, FENTON FLAVIO H., Hasenfuss Gerd, Gilmour Robert F., et al. , Nature, Volume 555, p.667+, (2018)  (11.33 MB)
Neural State Classification for Hybrid Systems, Phan, Dung, Paoletti Nicola, Zhang Timothy, Grosu Radu, Smolka Scott A., and Stoller Scott D. , Proc.\ 16th International Symposium on Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis (ATVA 2018), (2018)  (528.72 KB)
OpenUAV: A UAV Testbed for the CPS and Robotics Community, Schmittle, Matt, Lukina Anna, Vacek Lukas, Das Jnaneshwar, Buskirk Christopher P., Rees Stephen, Sztipanovits Janos, Grosu Radu, and Kumar Vijay , Proceedings of the 9th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems, Piscataway, NJ, USA, (2018)  (825.63 KB)
An Optimization-Based Algorithm for the Construction of Cardiac Purkinje Network Models, Ulysses, Jesuliana N., Berg Lucas A., CHERRY ELIZABETH M., Liu Ben R., Santos Rodrigo W. dos, de Barros Bruno G., Rocha Bernardo M., and de Queiroz Rafael A. B. , IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Volume 65, p.2760–2768, (2018)
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Process Algebra and Model Checking, Cleaveland, Rance, Roscoe A. W., and Smolka Scott A. , Handbook of Model Checking., p.1149–1195, (2018)
Programming is modeling, Cleaveland, Rance , International Symposium on Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, (2018)
The role of conductivity discontinuities in design of cardiac defibrillation, Lim, Hyunkyung, Cun Wenjing, Wang Yue, Gray Richard A., and Glimm James , Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science, Volume 28, p.013106, (2018)  (3 MB) (552.91 KB)
Unsupervised Wafermap Patterns Clustering via Variational Autoencoders, Tulala, Peter, Mahyar Hamidreza, Ghalebi Elahe, and Grosu Radu , 2018 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 07/2018, Rio, Brasil, (2018)  (2.14 MB)
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Bisimulation and Hennessy-Milner Logic for Generalized Synchronization Trees, Ferlez, James, Cleaveland Rance, and Marcus Steven I. , Proceedings Combined 24th International Workshop on Expressiveness in Concurrency and 14th Workshop on Structural Operational Semantics and 14th Workshop on Structural Operational Semantics, {EXPRESS/SOS} 2017, Berlin, Germany, 4th September 2017., (2017)  (254.08 KB)
Closed-loop quantitative verification of rate-adaptive pacemakers, Paoletti, Nicola, Patanè Andrea, and Kwiatkowska Marta , ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems, to appear, (2017)
Collision Avoidance for Mobile Robots with Limited Sensing and Limited Information about Moving Obstacles, Phan, D., Yang J., Grosu R., Smolka S. A., and Stoller S. D. , Formal Methods in System Design, 01/2017, (2017)
Corrections to "A Menagerie of Timed Automata", Keiren, Jeroen J. A., Fontana Peter, and Cleaveland Rance , ACM Comput. Surv., Volume 50, p.42:1–42:8, (2017)  (221.78 KB)
Data assimilation for cardiac electrical dynamics, Cherry, E. M., Cairns D. I., Holt N., LaVigne N. S., Fenton F. H., and Hoffman M. J. , Proceedings of the 5th {International} {Conference} on {Computational} and {Mathematical} {Biomedical} {Engineering}, Pittsburgh, PA, (2017)
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